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Worst weather in the World?

07/20/2011, 4:45pm CDT
By Karly Wallack

 Schwan's USA CUP has battled unusually severe weather this year. It started with lightning and heavy rain on Friday, transitioned to intense heat and humidity on Saturday and Sunday, and then looped back to a severe thunderstorm on Tuesday.

This week it may seem like Minnesota has the most extreme weather on Earth, but plenty of other places in the world have nasty weather. Check out the Mother Nature challenges faced by USA CUP visiting teams:

  • Bermuda: Hurricanes
  • Colombia: Mudslides and volcanic eruptions
  • Brazil: A dew point in the 80s on Sunday in the Amazon Rainforest
  • Alaska: All-time record low of -80°F
  • Hawaii: Volcanic eruptions
  • Washington: Average of 226 cloudy days per year in Seattle
  • North Carolina: Hurricanes
  • Saskatchewan: Dust storms
  • North Dakota: Floods
  • Texas: Prairie fires
  • New York: 82.3 inches of snow fell in one week in
  • Buffalo in 2001
  • Michigan: A record seasonal snow in Marquette of 355 inches
  • Illinois: Snowpocalypse 

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