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Opening Ceremonies, minute by minute

07/17/2012, 9:56pm CDT
By Madeline Greene

At Schwan’s USA CUP Opening Ceremonies Tuesday night, media intern Madeline Greene tweeted live from the field throughout the evening. We decided to let you follow the event minute-by-minute, a fun way to document an awesome evening!

@usacupsoccer: Open Ceremonies and Rock the CUP, presented by PUMA are just hours away. Are you excited? #usacup2012

@usacupsoccer: Coming to you live from the OC line up! Happy #usacup2012 If you aren't here yet... You're missing the fun!!

@usacupsoccer: Opening Ceremonies begin in a matter of minutes. Are you ready to show the world who you are? #usacup2012

@usacupsoccer: Ten minutes away! How ready are you??? #usacup2012

@usacupsoccer: Paul Erickson takes the podium to announce the Sons of Norway Founders Award! Congratulations to Tom and Bev Menk. #usacup2012

@usacupsoccer: Thanks to our sponsors! Without you this tournament would not be possible!!! #usacup2012

@usacupsoccer: Parade of players brings so much excitement & color to #usacup2012. Have you seen your team as they strut their stuff for the world to see?

@usacupsoccer: We are loving the energy in the stadium!!! #usacup2012

@usacupsoccer: The US Amputee Soccer Association team brings the crowd to their feet! #usacup2012

@usacupsoccer: Beautiful rendition of the National Anthem, Julius Andrews! Great job!!! #usacup2012

@usacupsoccer: Looking up in the sky for the skydivers! #usacup2012

@usacupsoccer: Hmm no skydivers. Going right to the torch run. #usacup2012

(Editor’s note: The skydivers from Twin Cities Skydive were in the air ready to jump, but they had to hurredly return to the airport due to a ruptured fuel line. The good news is that the plane landed safely and the pilot and the jumpers are all safe. This is the first time anything like this has happened to Schwan’s USA CUP, and we’re looking forward to bringing back the skydivers next year.)

@usacupsoccer: Midwest United lighting the torch here at #usacup2012. Fireworks fill the sky and Outsight takes the stage.

@usacupsoccer: Outasight on stage! #usacup2012

@usacupsoccer: We hope you all are enjoying Rock the CUP, presented by PUMA! #usacup2012

@usacupsoccer: Chris Rene just left the stage! What a great way to end Rock the CUP, presented by PUMA! #usacup2012

@usacupsoccer: Thank you for keeping up with us at our 2012 Opening Ceremonies! Good luck and good night!! #usacup2012 #livetweeting

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