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Keliix Intra, a local club that embraces USA CUP every year

07/18/2012, 2:59pm CDT
By Madeline Greene

While teams from all over the world make their way to Blaine, Minnesota for Schwan’s USA CUP, presented by PUMA, there are also local Twin Cities teams who have embraced the USA CUP experience.

Keliix Intra U15 boys in action today

Keliix Intra is a premier soccer club from the Minneapolis-St. Paul area. David Lawson, a former college coach and trainer, founded the club in 1994. Approximately 15 teams now call Keliix home, with teams for U9-U19 players for both boys and girls.

Their philosophy allows Keliix to house players from the time they begin soccer, around U9 all the way until they graduate high school and play at the U19 level. At Keliix, they grow and play together throughout their entire lives.

“In other clubs it is rare for the club to have a U18 or U19 team,” said team mother, Julie Dornisch. “At Keliix it is odd for a team that have been together their entire lives to not play.”

Dornisch’s family, including 9-year-old Keegan James, have grown up with Keliix soccer as Keegan begins following in the footsteps of his sister, who started at the club at the age of 7.

“Keliix is a place where you can play great soccer and the coaches and players are all nice and we have a great time,” said 9-year-old Keegan James.

Each year, Keliix enthusiastically jumps right into USA CUP, walking in Opening Ceremonies, which occurred last night at the National Sports Center Stadium.

The club had a delegation of approximately one hundred kids and parents.

“Keliix isn’t just about fantastic soccer, which we are known for our foot skills, but also we are a huge community which is shown by the large group that is here tonight for Opening Ceremonies from seven to 19 year olds,” said Dornisch.

The group was outfitted in straw hats and Keliix bandanas as they marched past the crowd and waved toward the stands.

“Our coaches are known for wearing their straw hats on the sidelines during all of our games, so we are emulating them tonight with straw hats and Keliix bandanas to show our Keliix pride,” said Dornisch.

While the world travels to come here, the Keliix team is just a short drive away from the fields. The players and parents alike believe that USA CUP in Minnesota is a blessing.

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