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Information on the go: welcome to the new USA CUP mobile app

07/18/2012, 3:05pm CDT
By Madeline Greene

As the tournament expands and the world of social media expands, Schwan’s USA CUP, presented by PUMA, continues to grow with the times. This year, the tournament added a new mobile application in partnership with Tiny Mission, a small Minnesota company focusing on personal service and custom solutions for their customers.

Tiny Mission was co-founded by Andy Salvig and his business partner in 2010. The company began after the two met in graduate school while pursuing master degrees in Software Engineering. When they met, they decided to start a company and branch out into mobile apps.

“At the time it was an emerging market and it has only gotten more popular since,” said Salvig.

The USA CUP mobile application allows tournament participants and customers to stay up to date on the latest news, general information, schedule and results, activities and events, as well as Kick TV and Daily Kick articles.

“This event is really good for a mobile app because there are so many people walking about not next to a computer,” said Salvig. “There is a lot of information that they need to keep up to date on so they can just take out their phone and check the schedules, look at the site map, check the latest news, and get push notifications. There are all sorts of advantages to having an application.”

USA CUP brings thousands of people to the National Sports Center each year. Allowing those customers to have the opportunity to have information at their fingertips has been a worthwhile venture for both the tournament and Tiny Mission.

While the company has developed event mobile applications before, they have never created anything of this caliber.

“This is our biggest continuous deployment,” said Salvig. We have tons of users using it. A lot of that went into the design of the app to make sure that everything loaded really fast and we could make sure that everyone had access to all the information even though thousands of people are using it in the same area.”

The application is available for iPhone and Android users with iPhone users downloading the application three times as much as Android users to date. Numbers continue to grow as USA CUP participants and fans download the application during the tournament.

“We hope that with the USA CUP app, the tournament will really stand out against other tournaments,” said Salvig. “This will also allow the tournament to communicate efficiently for the people at the event and make sure that everyone is having a great time.”

While Tiny Mission creates applications, they also have a wide assortment of other services. For example, Tiny Mission develops websites, database and web server integrations so many of their applications have a server back end, including the USA CUP app.

To join in the fun at USA CUP, download the application via the iPhone or Android phone. The application will keep you up to date on everything that is coming up at the tournament, access to Kick TV episodes and receive push notifications as updates become available.

For more information about Tiny Mission, please visit

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