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Sipping from the CUP

07/20/2012, 5:24pm CDT
By Media Staff

"Sipping from the CUP" is the new daily news column in The Daily Kick. Each day during Schwan's USA CUP, we'll be using this column to feature short news items, humorous things seen on the campus, and even some gossip! Read and enjoy.

The B-24J Liberator

Item one
If you’ve noticed World War II airplanes flying over the National Sports Center campus Friday, here’s what’s going on. The Anoka County Airport, which is located just southeast of the NSC, will host its annual Wings of Freedom Tour air show from Friday, July 20 through Monday, July 23. The show features the World War II-era planes, such as the B-24J Liberator, the B-17G Flying Fortress and the P-51C Mustang.

Item two
The Fruchi Faceoff Friday attracted 12 completing dance teams. You can vote for your favorite on the Fruchi Facebook page. One added bonus. When you “like” the Fruchi Facebook page you get entered into a drawing to win an iPad – to be awarded on Monday.

Item three
If you noticed an invasion of small soccer players at Schwan’s USA CUP, we started our U9/U10 jamboree Friday. Games in the jamboree run through the end of the day Saturday.


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