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The 1st Annual USA CUP Medallion Hunt has begun!

07/16/2013, 9:30am CDT
By Admin

The 2013 Schwan’s Medallion hunt begins today here at the National Sports Center. A Schwan’s Medallion has been hidden somewhere on campus, and it’s up to one of the National Sports Center’s many visitors to find it!

Two new clues will be posted each day in the Schwan Center, as well as on Facebook and Twitter, starting today!, pointing the winner in the direction of the prize.

Speaking of prizes, the winner will receive an Apple iPad, while instructions on claiming the prize will be included with the medallion! So grab your team, keep your eyes locked to Facebook and Twitter, and a shiny new iPad could be yours.

Here are the rules: Web searching is fine, medallion is hidden on the campus. Don’t dig and don’t go into any ponds or ditches!

Here's today's first clue:

So we hope this hunt will be fun; not too tough,
But beware, you may find riddles, clues and the occasional bluff.
You can check the web, or ask for help,
And please, work as a team; we don’t want you to yelp!

The medallion’s hidden within the NSC property line;
Stay on the campus and you’ll do just fine.
Don't dig holes or tear up the ground,
And you won’t need to look where you might get drowned.

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