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Live Tweets from Opening Ceremony

07/16/2013, 12:30pm CDT
By Admin

Media intern Ryan Lund was live tweeting from Opening Ceremonies tonight. We thought you'd like to read how the cermony unfolded in real time!

And we’re just about ready to get underway here at Schwan’s USA CUP opening ceremonies. The stadium is packed! #USACUP

Here comes Colombia, leading the parade to commemorate their 25th year at the tournament #USACUP

Next up are the teams of Big Sky High School in Montana. They are joined by in the parade by 5 coaches all the way from Barcelona #USACUP

Let’s welcome the teams of @MNTHUNDACADEMY, who won 2 titles in the Super Elite division over the weekend! #USACUP

All the way from Japan, give it up for Tokiwagi Gauken, who took home the U16 girls title in the Super Elite tournament! #USACUP

All the way from “the rock” in eastern Canada, here comes the delegation from Newfoundland! #USACUP

Next up is St. Croix Soccer Club, who took home the title in the boys U14 Super Elite Tournament! #USACUP

And here comes MLS vet @TonySanneh and the Haitian Initiative all the way from the Caribbean nation of Haiti! #USACUP

Next on the list is St. Paul Blackhawks. This club has been coming to #USACUP every year since 1985!

And here come the Skydivers. These guys are jumping from 5,000 feet up and…wait, is that Scott Clasen up there? #USACUP

Note: That is NOT Scott Clasen. It’s skydiving pros Gary Bergman and Isiah Maring! #USACUP

Now, put your hands together for our Kick Cancer delegation. These 4 colors will be all over the fields tomorrow for Kick Cancer day #USACUP

“Baby, you're a firework…Come on, let your colors burst!” We’re singing along up here in the booth, but ignore that, here go the real ones! #USACUP

And now…all the way from Clarissa, MN… put your hands together for Jeremiah James Korfe! (rhymes with wharf) #USACUP

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