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Third clue in the Schwan's Medallion Hunt!

07/17/2013, 10:00am CDT
By Admin

Here's the third clue to our Schwan's Medallion Hunt. Remember, the winner receives a FREE iPad!

In this place Mia scored her 150th goal,
And tonight United plays the Eddies; tickets just a modest toll.
So come to the game and enjoy the view; adults can even have a brew.
But don’t disrupt the game to look for the prize;
It’s not here, but the real hiding place is a space smaller in size.

Here are the previous two clues from yesterday!

Clue one: 
So we hope this hunt will be fun; not too tough,
But beware, you may find riddles, clues and the occasional bluff.
You can check the web, or ask for help,
And please, work as a team; we don’t want you to yelp!

The medallion’s hidden within the NSC property line;
Stay on the campus and you’ll do just fine.
Don't dig holes or tear up the ground,
And you won’t need to look where you might get drowned.

Clue Two:
At USA CUP, in addition to soccer you can tee it up or skate on ice,
Lunch at the Hat Trick; the air conditioning is nice.
Ride a bike; shop for soccer gear for the kids;
And in the Sports Hall indoor soccer in winter allows kicking when the snow forbids. 

Learn all the sports at the NSC for the best luck,
Any of these places might be the place you find the puck.
There’s only one prize at the end, so it’s your job to decide how to share
We trust that teammates can work it out to be fair.

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