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Kick Cancer 2013 had emotional start during Schwan’s USA CUP Opening Ceremonies Tuesday night

07/17/2013, 3:45pm CDT
By Susan Schmidt

As the four cancer fighting organizations walked down the homestretch with the torch, and the cauldron was lit by Kyle O’Connor, from the North Suburban Soccer Association 19 boys’ team, who lost his mother to thyroid cancer.

“Opening ceremonies was an emotional start to a great cause,” said Tom Soehn, the National Sports Center’s (NSC) Director of Soccer Development and Recruiting.  

Who do you play for during Kick Cancer 2013? Four cancer-related charities shared the spotlight on Wednesday -- Children’s Cancer Research Fund, Minnesota Prostate Cancer Coalition, Leukemia/Lymphoma Society Pennies for Patients or the Breast Cancer Awareness Association. Players had the opportunity throughout the day to choose one to support.  When they scored a goal or got a shut out they receive a small prize and are given a sticker to place at the booth of their chosen organization in the Hub.

“Allowing the kids to get involved and choose a charity to donate their dollar to after a goal or shut out, has given them the opportunity to feel a part of the cause,” said Soehn.

It is safe to say with four cancer fighting organizations represented during Kick Cancer everyone knows someone who has been affected by the disease.

“We have been very fortunate to work with four charities that have such a passion for what they do.  At some point, we have all been affected by a form of cancer related to these organizations and we are proud to have them as a part of our event,” said Danielle Seraphine, the NSC’s Field Sports Project Manager.  Players, parents, and spectators got a chance to visit each organization in the hub. Having them on campus gave everyone a chance to learn about the different cancers, enjoy a refreshing icee, color with chalk the name of a survivor or in memory of a loved one, and win a soccer ball.

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