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2013 Medallion Hunt ends earlier than expected as sisters from Andover, Minnesota exhibit impressive clue-breaking

07/18/2013, 11:30am CDT
By Barclay Kruse, NSC Chief Communications Officer

The 2013 Schwan’s Medallion Hunt ended earlier than organizers expected when the medallion was found Thursday morning by Sisters Amanda and Rachel Dahlin from Andover, Minnesota.

“I found it taped under the seat but didn’t believe it was the medallion and had to double check,” said Amanda, who is playing this week for the North Metro Bombers U13 team from Andover.

Amanda has been playing in Schwan’s USA Cup for four years, and while reading the program book she learned about the first ever Schwan’s Medallion Hunt. Luckily for Amanda and Rachel the iPad prize they won will help replace the one that was dropped and broken recently.

Their mom read the clue number four on-line at 2:45 p.m., July 17 and guessed – correctly – that it was hidden in one of the eight hockey rinks at the Schwan Super Rink. With an evening game last night and an early morning game today they had to wait to continue the hunt until late this morning.

But just knowing the medallion was hidden in the Super Rink didn’t necessarily help. It’s a huge building – 300,000 square feet to be exact. The Dahlins had to narrow down their search. Using only a reference to “Olympic glory” in the clue, they asked others at the rink and learned that Rink 6 is the Team USA rink, where the 2010 Women’s Olympic Hockey Team trained prior to the Vancouver Winter Olympics.

After searching by the players’ benches and scorers’ table, the girls and their mother moved over to the bleachers. Within minutes mom spotted something and directed the girls to look under the seat, where Rachel and Amanda quickly found the medallion taped to the bottom of the bleachers.

With their iPad in hand, now the only thing the family needs to solve is which sister will get the iPad.  We will let Mom solve that clue.

Here are all the clues for the hunt, including the clues that weren’t published, together with an explanation:

Clue 1. Released Tuesday morning.

So we hope this hunt will be fun; not too tough,
But beware, you may find riddles, clues and the occasional bluff.
You can check the web, or ask for help,
And please, work as a team; we don’t want you to yelp!

The medallion’s hidden within the NSC property line;
Stay on the campus and you’ll do just fine.
Don't dig holes or tear up the ground,
And you won’t need to look where you might get drowned.

This clue sets the rules of the contest. Web searching is fine. Medallion is hidden on the campus. Don’t dig and don’t go into any ponds or ditches.

Clue 2. Released Tuesday afternoon.

At USA CUP, in addition to soccer you can tee it up or skate on ice,
Lunch at the Hat Trick; the air conditioning is nice.
Ride a bike; shop for soccer gear for the kids;
And in the Sports Hall indoor soccer in winter allows kicking when the snow forbids. 

Learn all the sports at the NSC for the best luck,
Any of these places might be the place you find the puck.
There’s only one prize at the end, so it’s your job to decide how to share
We trust that teammates can work it out to be fair.

This clue lets people know the medallion might be hidden in a non-soccer location. The reference to a puck is a clue. Also lets people know there’s only one prize and a team might want to talk about how they’ll share.

Clue 3. Released Wednesday morning.

In this place Mia scored her 150th goal,
And tonight United plays the Eddies; tickets just a modest toll.
So come to the game and enjoy the view; adults can even have a brew.
But don’t disrupt the game to look for the prize;
It’s not here, but the real hiding place is a space smaller in size. 

This clue mentions a significant event that happened at the NSC, Mia Hamm's 150th international goal, which was scored in at the NSC stadium in a 3-0 USA victory over Australia in 2004. The clue goes on to eliminate the stadium as a hiding place, and directs people to a smaller space. Some may guess, correctly, that it’s hidden in an indoor space.

Clue 4. Released Wednesday afternoon.

Where would you go for passing and checking?
They will help you finish the treasure hunt story.
The sport is fun to watch; and for some, Olympic glory;
Icy courage and a sharp edge will help you find the happy ending to the story.

The references to hockey leads to the Super Rink. “Olympic glory” is a clue for those who know the Olympic team trained at Rink 6.

(This was the clue that led to the finding of the medallion. The team that found the medallion asked around and learned that the 2010 Women's Olympic Team trained in rink 6.)

Clue 5. Released Thursday morning.

Victory Links is a place to test golfers’ wills
But you don’t have to putt to pick up a special clue that will avoid silly frills.
Politely ask the golf pro; you don’t even need to sing a song,
If you don’t quite get the clue, some web searching will help you along.

Special clue, given to those who go to Victory Links and ask the pro:

How appropriate that a Miracle medalist would be tied to the hunt!
If you know your Olympic history, you’ll see this is no stunt.
Find the place where Badger Bob’s son coached the Olympic team just four years ago,
And you may be able to end the search with a happy ending to the show!

This clue makes searchers visit the Victory Links Golf Course on the NSC campus to get a special short-cut clue. For those who can solve the special clue, they would have been able to go directly to rink 6 at the Schwan Super Rink.

"Badger Bob’s son” is a reference to legendary USA and University of Wisconsin hockey coach Badger Bob Johnson, whose son, Mark Johnson, coached the USA Women’s Olympic Team at the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympic Games. That team trained at the Schwan Super Rink, specifically on rink 6, for two years leading up to the Games.

Mark Johnson also played on the 1980 “Miracle on Ice” gold medal winning hockey team, thus the “Miracle medalist” reference in the clue.

Even without hockey knowledge, the clue can be solved by some online searching. A Google search for “Badger Bob’s son” brings up a photo and bio of Mark Johnson.

Clue 6. Would have been released Thursday afternoon.

They say it’s always scorching at USA CUP,
And if that’s true today, searching in a cool place will certainly cheer you up.
There are rinks to choose from, maybe even eight.
To find the medallion you don’t need a stick, don’t even need to skate.

This clue narrows the search to the Schwan Super Rink. It also importantly tells searchers they don’t need to go on the ice – for safety reasons.

Clue 7. Would have been released Friday morning.

Herb Brooks’ name in the ice, plus Olympic skaters trained here,
Find that place and the end of your quest is near.
From the hiding place you can see “USA” across the rink on the wall,
You’d sit here, watch a game and cheer your all.
The medallion’s hidden underneath, not in obvious view,
If you team finds it first, follow the instructions you find and claim the iPad prize for your crew!

This is the giveaway clue. If no one had found the medallion by Friday morning, this clue would have given away the location. Rink 6 at the Schwan Super Rink is named the “Herb Brooks Rink” and the name of the 1980 Miracle coach is at center ice. The logo of USA Hockey is painted on the south wall of the arena, opposite the bleacher seating. The clue identifies the location as the bleachers, hidden underneath.

The final hiding place was underneath one of the bleacher seats at rink 6.



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