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Sipping from the CUP

07/18/2013, 11:00am CDT
By Admin

Sipping from the CUP will provide a daily run-through some of the short news items at Schwan's USA CUP, powered by Sport Ngin. Enjoy! 

The action was fierce and spirited at the TOPSoccer World Games

About a hundred players gathered Thursday evening on the D fields for the TOPSoccer World Games. U.S. Youth Soccer's TOPSoccer (The Outreach Program for Soccer) is a community-based training and team placement program for young athletes with disabilities, organized here in Minnesota by the Minnesota Youth Soccer Association. Volunteers from the Blaine Soccer Club kept things moving and helped with coaching.

The players were organized into teams like Netherlands, Cameroon and China. Despite the hot conditions, the action was fierce and spirited.


Referee Al Kachel has been storing the tents purchased by the Brazilian teams from Rio de Janeiro in his Elk River, Minnesota garage for the last 6-7 years. But he doesn't just keep the tents for his South American friends. He also puts them up and takes them down for the teams before and after each game. He started doing this after having several guest players from Brazil play for his team years ago.

Al welcomes anyone who sees the tents with Rio de Janeiro printed on them to use them because they've either just been used by the Brazilians or are going to be soon. He just asks that you don't take them!


The transportation hub reported that there were over 100 tickets sold for the Bunker Beach Water Park Day in the first five minutes they were available. Not suprising considering the hot and humid temperatures athletes have endured the last several days! 

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