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Sipping from the CUP

07/19/2013, 3:45pm CDT
By Admin

Sipping from the CUP will provide a daily run-through some of the short news items at Schwan's USA CUP, powered by Sport Ngin. Enjoy! 

The 2013 Schwan’s USA CUP will go into the history books as having some of the best weather in the history of the tournament. Yes, it was hot and humid for three days of the week tournament, but the lack of thunderstorms meant that games stayed on schedule for the most part.

Compare that rather benign weather summary with 2011, a year that will go into USA CUP history as having perhaps the most extreme weather in the history of the event. Two years ago, the high temperature during the tournament was 97, and the average was 92. The LOW temperature was 84!

On July 20 that year, the dew point temperature, an indicator of how moist and uncomfortable the air feels, reached 82° at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport, breaking an all-time record for the city. Combined with an air temperature of 95° at 4:00 p.m. local time that day, the “feels like” temperature on soared to 115°.

(Dew points above 70 are considered very uncomfortable, and those above 80 are almost unheard of in Minnesota.)

Added to the heat that year, was a pattern of repeated thunderstorms that left the fields wet and muddy throughout the week.

Those who survived the 2011 USA CUP love to share stories of that year, and also hope to not repeat it.

Chile's Club Medico Santiago might wear the Chilean flag, but their makeup is somewhat more diverse than that.  The team includes players from Chile, in addition to boys from Belgium, Spain, Mexico, Italy and the United States.

"They all love soccer, and they are all friends," said Galo Iza, whose son plays on the team.

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